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About Us

We are a custom luxury cabinet manufacturing company.

 Viteri Cucine brought to you by & V Furniture Design  has partnered up with some of the largest factories in Italy. Our main manufacturing facility located in Hollywood, FL. allows us to provide the finest designs only using European made materials. 


For over three generations, our team has been dedicated to providing the right furniture and interior solutions for the most complicated design challenges for the hospitality, High-end Residential and Multi-Unit industry. We are now able to offer the same quality to the residential market offering both American made and 100% European made products.


We supply all the essentials for a praiseworthy project. We provide consultations resulting in a bespoke style that is tailored to your taste. If there is something you've had your eye on, but doesn't quite fit the space. We can recreate it to fit your desired dimensions and vision for any Residential or Luxury Multi-Unit project.


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" I will be recommending this company to everyone I know. My standards are high and their standards way exceeded mine. Thank you Jorge and Kimberly. Great work!

Residential & Luxury Multi-Family

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